Install a Canon LBP7200Cdn printer on Ubuntu 11.10 64bits

The main documentation about installing Canon CAPT based driver can be found here

I followed the instructions given on the page above but it just did not work. The issue there is that the 64bits version of the 2.3 CAPT drivers do not work on Ubuntu 11.10.

After struggling several hours trying to build the proper symlinks for the driver and figuring out why AppArmor was blocking cups, I ended up with a much simpler solution.
The solution for me was to use the 2.2 version of Michael Grutz’s repository.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:michael-gruz/canon

The repository does not include an oneiric version. You will need to update your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/michael-gruz-canon.list file and replace oneiric with natty.

Then :
1- Install the driver

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install cndrvcups-common cndrvcups-capt

2 – Restart Cups

$ sudo service cups restart

3 – Add your printer to Cups

$ sudo /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p PRINTERNAME -P /usr/share/cups/model/CNCUPSLBP7200CCAPTK.ppd -v ccp://localhost:59787 -E

The ppd given here is for the LBP7200Cdn. If you have another printer, select the appropriate driver for it (refer to the Ubuntu page above or have a look at your /usr/share/cups/model folder).

4 – Link your cups printer to the canon ccp daemon

$ sudo ccpdadmin -p PRINTERNAME -o net:THE_PRINTER_IP

This command is for a network printer. If you are installing an USB printer, replace the net:IP part by your usb device : /dev/lp0

5 – Start the canon printing daemon

$ sudo /etc/init.d/ccpd start

Check that the daemon is properly started:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/ccpd status

You should get something like

/usr/sbin/ccpd: 15263 15258

With two process ids running.

You should now be able to print. If everything went fine, you can now add the canon daemon to your startup.

$ sudo update-rc.d ccpd defaults 90

PS : My ubuntu systems are now able to print but I still cannot make it work on my beloved CrunchBang distro.
If anyone made it work on Debian, I am looking for the installation process.

    • mirtexxan
    • November 7th, 2011

    I’ve been struggling with a canon 7200C for 5-6 hours, and tried everything, but i was plagued by the pstocapt3 something error (i think you encountered that)
    Then I followed your guide step by step, and after countless efforts I’m stuck with “ccp: send_data error, exit”… any idea?

    Thank your very much!

    p.s. I have your exact configuration: Canon LBP7200Cdn on Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit

  1. I indeed encountered the ‘pstocapt3′ error. This is due to the fact that ccpd is trying to access /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstocapt3 while the file is located in /usr/lib64/cups/filter/
    but this issue occured to me using the 2.3 drivers only. Using the capt drivers from the repository fixed these kinds of errors for me.

    Maybe you can try to uninstall your 2.3 drivers before installing the 2.2 ones again by running
    $ sudo apt-get remove –purge cndrvcups-common cndrvcups-capt
    (you need michael grutz’s repository properly setup from here)
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install cndrvcups-common cndrvcups-capt

    If you still encounter problems, maybe looking at your syslog will give you a hint.
    $ tail -n 90 /var/log/syslog

    • James Viney
    • December 30th, 2011

    I think I have lots of issues with this. Sorry but I am very new to Ubuntu a newbie to UNIX in general. I have an LBP7200Cdn as a network printer IP address I tried to follow the terminal input commands and made many different printers which I have deleted from printing control panel. My printer spools look very messy now and shows 3 entries when I run:

    $ sudo ccpdadmin -p LBP7200Cdn -o net:

    CUPS_ConfigPath = /etc/cups/
    LOG Path = None
    UI Port = 59787

    Entry Num : Spooler : Backend : FIFO path : Device Path : Status
    [0] : LBP7200C : : : net: : invalid Spool Name
    [1] : PRINTERNAME : : : net: : invalid Spool Name
    [2] : LBP7200Cdn : ccp : //localhost:59787 : net: :

    When I run this command:

    $ sudo /etc/init.d/ccpd status

    I get…

    Canon Printer Daemon for CUPS: ccpd: 1047

    Only one number.

    I guess I need to sort out this spagetti of problems I have made.

    Any help on how to start over completely. An idiot guide would be nice.

  2. Indeed, cleaning your printers control panel. You can safely remove all the printers in there except the one called LBP7200Cdn, for which the configuration looks OK.

    Then, you need to clean your ccpd.conf file up:
    sudo gedit /etc/ccpd.conf

    Remove the entries for LBP7200C and PRINTERNAME in the file. You should have 2 entries in the file only : LBP7200Cdn and Ports.
    Save and exit.

    Then, you need to restart your daemons

    sudo service cups restart
    sudo service ccpd restart

    Then, check that you have two processes running:
    sudo /etc/init.d/ccpd status

    Also, make sure your printer is enabled in the printer administration panel and empty your spooler.

    • laurentiu
    • January 15th, 2012

    God bless you! It worked! Thanks a lot!

    • flo
    • December 7th, 2012

    Thanx, made my day

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