How many poppies on the photograph?

poppy love.... #9 -- I see redMaybe you already have had to count a large number of items on a picture.

I you have, you know it was tedious and needed quite a lot of focus for an apparently basic task.

So, I put online a very basic application to help you doing it. It does exactly this:

  1. Upload your photo
  2. Mark the items you want to count by clicking them

That’s it. The script will count the marks for you.

Additional tips:
You can modify the picture size by drag-dropping the bottom right handle. You can also use the “+” and “-” keys on your keyboard. The “*” key will set the picture to its original (when loaded) size.

    • mag
    • April 28th, 2010

    Je ne sais pas combien il y en a mais je peux dire q’ils sont trop beaux ces coquelicots!!!!

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